Shoppers closed their wallets in September, with retail sales shrinking by 0.5%

Sales at Canadian retailers fell by more than they were expected to in September, another sign that consumers are keeping their wallets closed wherever possible in the face of high prices. Statistics Canada reported Tuesday that retailers rang up $61.1 billion in sales during the month. That was a decling of 0.5 per cent from … Read more

Best Email Marketing Tools 2023

Best Email Marketing Tools: Your Guide to Maximizing Results ‍ You know that your business needs to be active and alert online if you’re going to thrive in the digital age. That’s why so many social media, website building, and online marketing tools have sprung up in recent years. They make it easy for businesses … Read more

Control 2 Officially Announced!

New Game Control 2 Officially Announced! Developer Remedy has announced that the sequel to 2019’s twisty-turny action game, which received a whole host of awards and sold pretty damn well, will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. On PC, Remedy will self-publish while 505 Games will handle console publishing of the … Read more

TikTok Shop Opens Ecommerce In The U.S.

TikTok Shop Opens Ecommerce In The U.S. ‍ TikTok is the most popular video-sharing app in the United States, with over 200 million users. But for many users, that’s about all they know about TikTok — and it’s a similar story for brands interested in advertising on the platform. To open up new revenue stream … Read more